Lili Reinhart is encouraging everyone to enjoy summer and ignore unhealthy trends with “toxic” messages.

A longtime advocate for body positivity and acceptance, the actress took to Twitter to express support for everyone as the warmer seasons approach.

She wrote, “Reminder to myself, and to all — you don’t need a flat or perfectly toned stomach to wear a crop top.”

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“These “summer body” trends are toxic. Your body is ready for summer no matter what it looks like,” she continued. “Don’t let it stop you from enjoying anything 🥲🙏🏻”.

Her fans appreciated the message with one fan writing, “i’ve been struggling so much with my body lately and because of where i live it’s already starting to get warmer so this has been on my mind a lot… thank you for this.”

The star has been candid about her own lifelong struggle with self-image and her own body.

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She recently opened up about her struggles on Instagram.

“I’ve been struggling with obsessive thoughts about my body/weight the last few months and it’s gotten pretty severe in the last week,” she wrote in a series of Stories. “So, I want to take a moment to be vulnerable and share this in hope that any of you who are also struggling don’t feel so alone.”