Russell Peters has Cedric the Entertainer to thank for giving his wedding some much-needed levity.

Peters and Ali Peters tied the knot on Feb. 20 at the Ritz Carlton in Dana Point, Calif. The beloved Canadian comedian secured himself an all-star wedding officiant: Cedric the Entertainer. He credited Cedric for nailing his role in celebrating the union between Russell and Ali.

“Oh man, he made that very memorable. He was amazing and he was so funny,” Peters told ET Canada. “And you know, there were lots of moments where I was on the verge of crying. Happy tears, obviously, but it was a very emotional moment for me. And so with him doing his little Cedric-sms, it spared me the waterworks a little bit.

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“It was a highly emotional for me because I was so happy, you know what I mean? The older you get, the easier you can cry, I find. But it’s interesting because death doesn’t make me cry very much anymore. Death for me is to be expected. But happy moments make me cry.”

For Peters, the best part of the wedding – outside of the union itself – was how smoothly everything came together.

“I think the best part was for the first time in my life, everything ran on time,” Peters said. “The ceremony was supposed to start at 3:30, it started right at 3:30. It was supposed to be over by four, it was over by four… We were going to enter the hall at six and we entered the hall right at six. The band was gonna go on at 7:15, the band went on at 7:30 which really bothered me.

“It ran smoothly and every single person that was there said the best thing, ‘This was the best wedding we’ve ever been to.’ The ceremony was quick and funny. The dinner was great. There were only two speeches: There was my sister-in-law spoke, my wife’s sister, and my brother spoke. That was it.”

Even Peters’ daughter was on her best behaviour.

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“My daughter wore a dress for me,” he gushed. “She didn’t want to wear a dress and she looked really cute and pretty, and she was like ‘I don’t want to wear a dress.’ She wore it for me because ‘it’s your day, daddy, I’ll wear a dress.’ And I said, ‘Thank you, baby.'”

Contrary to expectations, the ceremony wasn’t swarming with famous comedians.

“Well, there weren’t that many comedians. I don’t think there were only a few. A handful, maybe, but there were a lot of rappers and fighters and deejays and producers. So, you know, you know, that was the fun part for me.”