Pedro Pascal answered some “Burning Questions” for IMDb at SXSW for the premiere of his new film “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent”, starring opposite Nicolas Cage.

Pascal discussed the new movie, in which he plays a wealthy fan who hires a cash-strapped Nicolas Cage (played by Cage) to appear at one of his parties.

“Nicolas Cage is Nicolas Cage when the camera stops rolling, is the only way I can put it,” Pascal said, attempting to explain the film’s odd concept.

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“It is Nicolas Cage, playing Nicolas Cage, and so he’s still Nicolas Cage when he’s not playing Nicolas Cage, but it’s still not necessarily Nicolas Cage and then the Nicolas Cage that you’re with could be the Nicolas Cage that is Nicolas Cage or is it the Nicolas Cage that is Nicolas Cage on camera? I don’t know,” he added.

Pascal was also asked which of Cage’s many roles he’d like to have played, and which of his roles that he’d like to see Cage in.

“It would be ‘Raising Arizona’ with the Coen brothers, for sure,” he said, while revealing he’d love to see Cage’s take on “The Mandalorian”.

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“I think he would be a great Mandalorian,” said Pascal. “I think he’s so physical, he cuts such a great silhouette. He would figure out very artistic ways to execute the role.”

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