Lizzo is breaking stereotypes in her new reality show.

The singer shared an exclusive clip of her Prime Video competition show “Watch Out For The Big Grrrls” with “Good Morning America” on March 24.

“Welcome to your new home,” she announces to a group of cheering fans and contestants on her show. “I put you all up in here because I want you to feel special. I want you to feel worthy, because you deserve it.”

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The three-time Grammy winner’s new show will see 10 women competing for a coveted spot in her elite group of backup dancers, known as the BIG GRRRLS.

The show, however, is much more than a competition as the artist also tries to reinforce her message of body positivity and help guide the contestants.

“I really thought that my face was good, but that my body was bad,” Lizzo shares with the women as she writes these traits on a plane of glass. “I started to internalize this and believe this because of what people said to me. I’m sick of these words, I’m sick of these people.”

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She then takes a hammer to her negative thoughts, literally, and smashes up the glass. The competitors cheer her on.

“I think there’s definitely a stereotype, a stigma, on bigger bodies,” she explains later in the clip, referring to offensive portrayals of larger bodies being inept physically. “There’s no punchline over here. I’m just me. I’m capable, able, I’m an athlete. I’m doing Olympic-level things in my field, as far as music and performance.”

Lizzo demonstrates her Olympic-level flute-playing in performances in the clip and promises fans will get more on her new album, out April 14.

For now, they can catch her on “Watch Out For The Big Grrrls” on March 25 on Prime Video.