Ethan Hawke isn’t spilling.

On Thursday night, the actor appeared on “The Tonight Show” and talked to Jimmy Fallon about his villainous role in the new Marvel series “Moon Knight”.

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Hawke talked about meeting with star Oscar Isaac for coffee before agreeing to do the part.

“He has a fire in her eyes, this guy,” he said, describing Isaac’s passion for the part.

Talking about making the move from small indie films to a big budget Marvel project, Hawke admitted, “It was a little intimidating. First time I walked onto set, they were the most magnificent sets I’ve ever seen.”

Finally, Fallon decided to run a number of fan theories about Hawke’s mysterious villain Arther Harrow by him to get his reaction.

Asked whether the Hulk will appear in the show, Hawke said, “That would be cool, right… Except I know Mark Ruffalo, and I think if we were in the same show he would have at least texted me.”

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Some fans have also speculated Mahershala Ali’s new take on Blade will make an appearance, to which Hawke at first remained silent and shifted his eyes about, before saying, “I wish Blade was there. That would’ve been cool.”

Lastly, one of the more out there theories imagines that Arthur Harrow is actually an alter-ego for none other than Dracula.

“That is awesome,” Hawke said. “I so want that to be true. Your expectation is so intense, I want to say yes so bad. I am Dracula. You heard it hear first, to hell with the lawyers.”