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Another Houseguest was shown the door on “Big Brother Canada”, and for the first time this season it was unanimous.

During Thursday night’s live eviction episode, Jessica Gowling and Kyle Moore found themselves on the block after some of the most volatile weeks in the show’s history.

When the voting was done, it was Moore who was sent packing after every single one of his fellow Houseguests agreed to vote for his eviction.

Kyle Moore – Big Brother Canada Season 10
Kyle Moore – Big Brother Canada Season 10 — Global


In his exit interview, Moore spoke with “Big Brother Canada” host Arisa Cox about what went down, admitting he’d badly miscalculated.

“This was one of the coolest experiences of my entire life,” Moore told Cox, after being the fourth person evicted from the series’ 10th season.

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“I came in as a superfan and so I think I kind of overestimated how well I was viewing the house,” he said. “I thought I knew where things were playing out and I just didn’t communicate. It’s one of my strongest suits outside of this house and then inside this house I just kind of let it fall by the wayside.”

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