Tom Hanks is continuing his streak of crashing weddings.

The actor made headlines earlier this week when he stopped a bride in her tracks to ask for a photo.

This time around, he’s helping a couple with their vows.

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Krisna Poznik and her new husband Tyson heard Hanks was currently in the Pittsburgh area filming “A Man Called Otto” and thought of a way to make their special day even better.

“We knew that he was an ordained minister, and they were filming right in the neighborhood, so I thought, ‘Hey, what does it hurt to ask?'” Krisna told CBS Pittsburgh. “I wrote a letter, explained who we are and we’re close by, and it’s always been our dream to get married at our house. We asked and he said yes!”

The entire event became such a big deal for the locals that their son’s teacher asked them about it.

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“His teacher came out and said, ‘I know he’s a truthful kid, but did this really happen?'” she recalled.

Tyson added, “It just goes to show, that if you write a letter to someone who you don’t expect to write back, or talk to a stranger, he did this for us and he doesn’t know us, he did us a great service and enriched our lives.”