Emily Ratajkowski dropped by pal Hailey Bieber’s YouTube series “Who’s In My Bathroom?”, where they sipped martinis, snacked on nachos and discussed why women tend to be competitive toward each other when they really should be supportive.

“I just feel like there’s a barrier in general when women meet each other of kind of like, ‘Are we competition?’ I think that’s so sad. And I don’t blame women at all for doing that. I think it’s, like, how we are trained to be. But I just think that I would like that to change. It’s one of the reasons that I wrote my book [My Body],” Ratajkowski explained.

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“I feel like people really perpetuate women-on-women drama and women competing against each other and fighting with each other,” added Bieber. “And I’ve just always really felt like there’s enough space for everybody. There’s enough room for everybody to thrive, and we’re so much more powerful when we’re just supporting each other.”

As Ratajkowski pointed out, “I feel like that’s what we as women have to do all the time is remind ourselves like, ‘You have your world, you have all these wonderful things. Just because you see somebody else doing their thing doesn’t mean you have to compete.'”