WWE female wrestling champ Becky Lynch is calling out Trish Stratus after she faced difficulties entering Canada, claiming Stratus had some pull with a customs official while she crossed the border.

Lynch, who currently holds the Raw Women’s championship belt, took to social media on Saturday to share her allegations/

“I rock up to Canada last night in my best @brethitmanhart swag. ‘It’s the respectful thing to do’ – thinks I,” wrote Lynch in the caption, accompanying a photo of herself wearing a Bret Hart sweatshirt while holding her daughter.

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“Immigration pulls me to the side- ‘sorry ma’am , you have to go this way,'” she continued.

“I turn the corner – must be a two hour wait at least. It’s midnight. I have a child. What’s wrong with you?! Get to the top of the line. Officer smiles at me. ‘@trishstratuscom sends her regards’ – This b***h,” she added.

Stratus responded to the claim in a comment, and it wasn’t exactly a denial.

Stratus also mocked Lynch in a Twitter post, sharing an apparent mugshot while writing that she was taken into custody by Toronto police “for un-champion like behaviour and not respecting legends. She is being charged with being a brat.”

As most wrestling fans will admit, Lynch’s claims should be taken with a grain of salt, given that Stratus is serving as special host for the weekend’s WWE live events, with one held in Kitchener on Saturday, March 26, and another scheduled for Sunday, March 27 at Toronto’s Coca-Cola Coliseum, and the whole thing seems designed to set up some juicy WWE drama.