Jude Hill is calling out the culprit behind most of the pranks behind the scenes of the Oscar nominated film, “Belfast”.

While speaking with “E! Live from the Red Carpet”, the 11-year-old actor revealed Judi Dench was fond of playing tricks on the cast.

When asked about her weapon of choice, the answer was: whoopee cushions.

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“Well, there was a lot of Whoopee Cushions. That’s what I’m gonna say. There was a lot of Whoopee Cushions during scenes,” Hill said. “By the end of [filming], if someone sat down on a Whoopee Cushion, we all just turned heads to Judi Dench.”

The young actor plays Dench’s grandson in “Belfast”. They share many scenes together which made things a little confusing when they were both called “Jude” onset.

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“One of the inside jokes on Belfast is everyone called Judi Jude. So it was a bit confusing and Judi Dench was like ‘All right, I’ve had enough of this. So you’re the old Jude. I’m the younger Jude,'” he told People at the Academy Awards. “So I’m old Jude.”