Hudgens, who co-hosted ABC’s Oscar pre-show, immediately clicked with Kidman, who was joined by husband Keith Urban on the red carpet at the 94th annual Academy Awards.

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“I’m sorry, Keith, but I have to tell you, Nicole, I’m trying to hold myself upright right now because I have been such a fan of yours for so long,” said the “Tick, Tick…Boom!” star.

“Totally understand that,” the country singer quickly replied. “I’m right there with you.”

The women complimented each other on how “amazing” they looked and chatted about Kidman’s stellar performance in “Being the Ricardos” which earned her a nomination for Best Actress alongside Jessica Chastain, Olivia Colman, Penélope Cruz and Kristen Stewart.

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Kidman told Hudgens that her favourite thing about “Ricardos”‘ real-life inspiration Lucille Ball was her complexity.

“I think just how brilliant she was,” shared Kidman. “The more I delved into her, the more I realized how hard it is to do comedy and the work she put into it. It was like this unraveling and pulling back the veil on this icon and finding the human being underneath.”

Hudgens praised Kidman for portraying the role “impeccably,” adding, “It was such a beautiful performance.”

On how she prepared to play the iconic physical comedy that the “I Love Lucy” star was known for, Kidman revealed that she wished “more of [the physical comedy] was in the film” because “I put so much work into it.”

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“My husband and my kids would watch me in the living room while I was practicing but it was a slow, long journey. Right?” Kidman said as she looked at her husband, who confirmed with a nod.

She added that practicing the dialect and emotionally preparing for the role were other challenges she faced as she prepped for the project.

Kidman ended the interview by expressing gratitude to Urban for travelling from Las Vegas, after performing there the night before, to be with her at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood for the ceremony.

She then blew Hudgens a kiss and gracefully walked away in her custom Giorgio Armani gown.