If you’ve been watching Global’s hit new comedy series “Ghosts“, then you’ve probably noticed that one of the hilarious spirits is missing an unusual item of clothing.

The secret about how Trevor died without his pants on will finally be revealed when his wealthy former friend comes to Woodstone Mansion to buy a timepiece from Sam and Jay in the episode airing on Global this Thursday, March 31.

“I get to hear a lot of theories on Twitter and they’re all wrong, which is fun,” said actor Asher Grodman, who plays Trevor on the show. “No one’s guessed it yet. I think everyone’s going to be surprised.”

While viewers know Trevor as the typical Wall Street bro type, this week’s episode will introduce fans to a different side of his personality.

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“You’ll see the side with pants on,” joked Grodman. “We spend the whole season figuring out who this family of ghosts are with Sam and Jay. I won’t give anything away there, but we get to see him with a different group dynamic.”

“Ghosts” was recently renewed for a second season, thanks to its strong ratings and the way in which the show immediately connected with viewers – something that the cast recognized from day one.

“We all felt like there was something special and something that could be funny and poignant and kind of fresh and new,” noted Grodman. “I don’t know if we’re shocked that it is resonating, but I think the extent to which it’s resonating is surreal.”

Grodman admitted that he was initially “intimidated” by the British version of the show, which first broadcast on BBC before being adapted by CBS.

“I was like, I need to stay away because I’ll end up loving what they do and copying what they do,” he recalled. “Now that we’ve finished with season one, I’m very glad I didn’t watch it because what they did was brilliant and I would have been even more intimidated than I was.”

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Grodman also opened up about being raised in a home that was famous for its “friendly” spirits.

“I actually grew up in a house that’s apparently listed as one of New Jersey’s haunted houses,” he revealed. “The ghosts were friendly. Apparently in the Revolutionary War, they guided the soldiers through the swamp lands.”

Fans will next see Grodman starring in “Out of Order” with Brooke Shields.

“Brooke is amazing,” he added. “One of the real treats of the film was getting to know her and become friends with her. She is an icon and an even better person.”