Jeff Ross is turning his attention towards Chris Rock after the altercation with Will Smith at the 2022 Academy Awards.

The comedian took to Instagram to express his admiration for Rock and also his disappointment for what went down at the awards show.

He wrote: “I worship Chris Rock. I cried when I saw Smith attack him because I was watching my idol live out a comedians worst nightmare on live television.”

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After a distasteful joke Rock told poking fun at Will Smith’s wife Jada Pinkett-Smith at the Oscars Sunday night, went onto the stage and slapped him. The comedian played off the incident with a joke and kept the show going.

“Rock should get a Nobel peace prize for keeping his hands down and not escalating the situation. Class Act,” he continued. “If Jada wasn’t feeling the jokes, Smith should’ve put his arm around her and let Rock finish.”

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While Ross was supportive of Rock in the aftermath in the incident, he also empathized with Smith and his wife as the targets of the joke.

“Anyway I also have Alopecia. It sucks,” said the 56-year-old. “But when people make jokes I laugh because that’s life.”

Other celebrities have weighed in on the incident, with reactions ranging from condemnation of the violence to support for Smith’s defense of Jada.