Katy Perry is in good spirits, despite her recent public wardrobe malfunction.

In a clip for Monday’s episode of “American Idol” from People, the singer performs an impromptu debut of “Teenage Dream” with the other judges Lion Richie and Luke Bryan.

The duet seems to go well, until Perry bends over and a loud rip can be heard as she accidentally splits her red leather pants.

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Not one to miss an opportunity to tease their fellow judge, Bryan immediately announces, “They busted!” while Richie tells the audience, “The Concert is officially over.”

Crew members rush over with yellow tape to patch up the clothing.

Despite the embarrassing incident, Perry seemed to be in good spirits about it, even alluding to it in a tweet.

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“I have good news and bad news today – ☹️: I won’t be able to live stream #AmericanIdol today but 🙂: I CAN promise you some pants splitting fun👖😳,” she wrote.

Accompanying the tweet was a clip of a previous pants-splitting incident on the show.

In 2018, the singer also ripped a pair of silver pants after laughing too hard after contestant Maddie Poppe’s “Bubbly” performance with Colbie Caillat.

During that incident, the “Fireworks” singer good-naturedly showed the crowd her split pants, amused by the situation.