Matt Lanter is recovering after a frightening health scare that required emergency surgery.

On Sunday, March 27, the former “90210” star’s wife, Angela Lanter shared a black-and-white photo on Instagram, of her hand holding her husband’s.

“This week has been the scariest of my life. My hubby has been through the ringer since Tuesday and ended up in emergency surgery on Thursday,” she wrote in the caption.

“Thankfully he’s started to turn the corner and is slowly getting on the road to recovery. Thank you all for your prayers, love and support. We are so thankful to the awesome nurses, they are the real heroes. ❤️ We still have an uphill battle and will continue to be in the hospital for a while longer, so prayers are definitely still appreciated,” she added.

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The following day, she offered an update.

“A small update because a lot of people have been asking…” she wrote in a second Instagram post.

“Last Tuesday, Matt started experiencing intense abdominal pain and was admitted to the hospital later that night,” she continued. “Thursday he was diagnosed with a closed loop intestinal obstruction (his small intestine twisted, causing a blockage) and was rushed into emergency surgery. He has experienced some setbacks after surgery but today he is feeling a little better. The drs and nurses have stressed the importance of getting up and walking, so we’re slowly getting him moving more and more. Hoping for more improvement tomorrow. Thankful for all of your prayers. ❤️”

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