Sean Penn is continuing to spearhead humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, and on Monday, March 28 he took to Instagram to share a video from the war-torn nation.

“I was in Lviv, Ukraine today with CORE Co-Founder and CEO @annyounglee and our team, strategizing with local governance & NGO’s to scale up our in-country programs,” Penn wrote in the caption, accompanying a video in which his vehicle drives through an encampment of Ukrainian soldiers.

“Had a very good meeting with Gov. Maksym Kozytskyy,” he added, along with information on how to donate to the humanitarian aid he founded in 2010, CORE (a.k.a. Community Organized Relief Effort). , the aid organization he founded in 2010, to help the people of Ukraine who are fleeing the country amid Russia’s violent attacks.

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Via CORE, Penn is working to help Ukrainian citizens who are fleeing the country after deadly attacks waged by the Russian military.

Penn is also filming a documentary about what’s taking place in Ukraine.

Previously, the Oscar-winning actor and director discussed his aims at a press conference.

“This is one of the most heartbreaking moments in most of our lifetimes for the world at large and it is a crisis at large,” he said, as reported by Metro.

“I’ve learned how quickly a good structure transitions me into being less value added, hands on,” he added.

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“This one is going to go on for some time and I think my answer to the question is going to be the same answer that anybody with CORE and all people of goodwill would have,” Penn continued. “Which is I’m going to do everything I can do. Whether is me being here, or coming back many times, or just coming back to shake the hands of the people who are doing the work.”

Stated Penn: “They can count on me as I count on them.”