There is something suspicious about Colin Firth in HBO Max’s “The Staircase”.

On Thursday, HBO Max shared the first full trailer for the eight-part series. Firth portrays a husband eager to avoid an investigation into the murder of his wife, played by Toni Collette.

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"The Staircase"
“The Staircase” — Photo: HBO Max

Based on a true story, ‘The Staircase’ explores the life of Michael Peterson (Firth), his sprawling North Carolina family, and the suspicious death of his wife, Kathleen Peterson (Collette),” the show’s logline reads.

Peterson is a real-life convicted murderer. The dramatized version of his story is based on Jean-Xavier de Lestrade’s true crime docuseries of the same name. “The Staircase” is created by Antonio Campos.

The trailer reveals scenes of family drama in the Peterson household amid the accusations and trial, all while secrets are uncovered and a documentary crew films the proceedings.

“It’s a witch hunt,” Firth’s Peterson says in the trailer, latter adding, “I think there are not many families like us, we’re not perfect, but we stick together. And we love each other.”

A teaser for the series was initially released last month.

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“The Staircase”
“The Staircase” — Photo: HBO Max

The series also stars Michael Stuhlbarg, Juliette Binoche, Parker Posey, Dane DeHaan, Sophie Turner, Olivia DeJonge, Rosemarie DeWitt, Tim Guinee, Nick Schwarzenegger, Vincent Vermignon and Odessa Young.

“The Staircase” premieres Thursday, May 5, on HBO Max.