In the fall of 2020, Jeff Bridges announced he was undergoing treatment for lymphoma, and a year later revealed he was in remission.

On Tuesday, March 29, the Oscar winner appeared on a virtual panel to promote his upcoming FX series “The Old Man”, revealing that he now feels “terrific.”

During the panel, Bridges discussed the production delays that held up the show, beginning when production was initially shut down in March 2020 because of the pandemic, then again later that year while Bridges focused on his health.

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“As far as I’m concerned, FX and all of the team were so considerate and gave me all of the time I needed to heal and all the support I needed,” he said, via TheWrap, praising the network and producers for adjusting the production schedule.

“The protocols — we were still in COVID — made me feel very safe and eager to get down to business and play,” he added.

“The Old Man”, based on the Thomas Perry novel of the same name, stars Bridges as Dan Chase, a former CIA agent who went off the grid decades earlier. His peaceful life is shattered when an assassin shows up at his home to take him out, sending him on the run while his former CIA colleague (John Lithgow), now the agency’s assistant director, is tasked with hunting him down.

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As Bridges explained, the character is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, and his recent health scare definitely impacted how he played the role.

“In times like that, it seems like all your philosophies and spirituality comes to you. It tests you,” he said.

“All of that has been made more mature by that experience,” he added. “I’ve always approached life the same way, [but this] made things sharper.”

Lithgow, also appearing on the panel, shared how an act of kindness from Bridges blew him away.

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“My dear brother [was] diagnosed with something similar to what Jeff suffered from. When I told him about my brother David, he immediately got in touch with him, he’d never met the man. He’s the most big-hearted person,” Lithgow said. “It’s not like you’re working with an actor at all, you’re working with a new friend. It’s been a real privilege.”