Lilly Singh has made the members of a talented dance troupe very happy.

During this week’s edition of “Canada’s Got Talent”, Vancouver-based dance group GRVMNT took to the stage to demonstrate a dazzling display of dancing that brought the audience to its feet.

“You made my heart swell,” declared judge Howie Mandel. “I didn’t want it to stop. I really believe that what I just saw could win this entire season.”

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Fellow judge Trish Stratus was equally impressed. “I don’t use this word often,” she said, “but I was Stratus-fied.”

“So here’s the thing. I didn’t think it was good,” said a muted Kardinal Offishall, causing gasps in the audience and looks of abject horror from the dancers. “I though it was fiiiire!” he added, proving he’s mastered the always-popular reality-competition-judge fake-out move.

That left judge Lilly Singh. “What would it mean to win this competition?” she asked the dancers.

“It would mean the world to us,” said the group’s tearful spokesperson, revealing they’ve been practicing at what they jokingly call “Studio O, which stands for ‘Studio Outside.’ It would mean the world to win, because we really want to give back to the community… we want to make sure we have a home.”

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“One of the reasons I said yes to being a judge here is because I thought, I’m going to have the honour of inviting people into the building, so they don’t have to dance on the concrete anymore,” said Singh.

“And I want to find a group of people that wants it so bad, and I want to get rid of every obstacle in their way. I want you to go all the way — and I gotta do it,” she added before slamming her palm down on the Golden Buzzer, then joining the team onstage for hugs while golden confetti fell from the ceiling.