Life is full of tough questions.

In a clip from her recent appearance on Global’s “The Late Show”, Sandra Bullock answered “The Colbert Questionert”.

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Things started easily enough, with Colbert asking for her favourite sandwich: “BLT. American classic.”

Bullock got a little more philosophical, responding, “My pessimism,” when asked what’s one thing in her home she should probably throw out.

On whether she’s ever asked for a celebrity’s autograph, she revealed, “Yes. Daniel Radcliffe. For my sister and for the kids.”

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Next up was a much more serious question. What happens when we die?

“Other than decomposition?” Bullock said. “I think our energy stays around the ones we love.”

She laughed when the next question was just “What’s your favourite action movie?” to which she answered, “The first ‘Matrix’. Huge fan. Amazing.”

Finally, asked to describe the rest of her life in just five words, Bullock took a moment to think, and then wisely responded, “Just like it is now.”

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