Justin Bieber is a hero at his shows but he doesn’t mind embracing his inner villain on occasion.

Bieber’s “Justice” world tour 2022 rolled into Montreal on Tuesday. Between songs, the headliner prodded the Montreal audience and its hometown Canadiens NHL team. Born in London, Ontario, Bieber is a staunch supporter of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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“How about those Leafs though, huh?” Bieber said to a chorus of boos from just about everyone except the person recording the video. “Auston Matthews is really doing some work here in Montreal.

“How’s that playoff spot looking for you guys this year?”

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The Canadiens and Leafs have a deep rivalry. The Canadiens were eliminated from the NHL playoffs days before Bieber’s concert; however, Montreal fans can hang their hat on reaching the Stanley Cup Finals last year.