The smallest mistake can mean big losses on “Wheel of Fortune”.

On Wednesday’s episode, contestant Chris Davidson was on the cusp on winning a $8,400 trip to Puerto Rico, but an error cost him.

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Attempting to solve the puzzle “frozen concoction,” Davidson threw in the indefinite article “a” at the beginning of his answer, a technical error that meant his opponent Carol got to solve and win the prize.

“Chris knows what he did, which is why he went back,” host Pat Sajak explained. “He threw in that article. He threw in the “A” in front of it, and we can’t accept it. Just the way it goes. It’s just one of the rules, and we gotta go by ’em, and Carol ends up getting the trip to Puerto Rico.”

Davidson ended up making it to the bonus round, and though he wasn’t able to correctly answer the puzzle, he still walked away with an impressive $13,900.

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Some fans took to social media in a bit of an uproar over the technicality that cost Davidson the vacation.

Others, though, pointed out that not adding articles to answers is a longstanding rule on the show.