Joe Exotic has filed for divorce from husband Dillon Passage.

The “Tiger King” star, real name Joseph Maldonado-Passage, has filed divorce papers a year after the two split.

In a release obtained by ET, Exotic’s lawyer alleged that after Passage announced their split he “failed to serve his husband and did not follow through with obtaining a divorce through the legal system.”

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Exotic had reportedly tried to contact Passage with no luck and hopes “they can both move on with their lives and divorce quickly and amicably.”

Exotic is asking that his former name, Joseph Allen Maldonado, be restored and is asking for alimony.

The two got married in December 2017.

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In a statement to People, Exotic’s lawyer said, “Joe is nearing the end of his cancer treatment and has fallen in love. He has no ill will toward Dillon, but has been trying for a while to reach him to get a divorce settlement. My understanding is that both Joe and Dillion have moved on romantically and they should both have the freedom to love again free from the bonds of marriage.”

The “Tiger King” alum is currently serving his re-sentence of 21 years in prison for a murder-for-hire attempt of Carole Baskin.