Angelina Jolie paid a personal visit to children who have fled from Ukraine.

On Wednesday the “Eternals” star went to the Holy See’s Bambino Gesù Hospital in Rome, where a number of children who have fled the Russian invasion are being cared for.

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Along with the children, Jolie also met with the doctors and nurses providing care for refugees from the crisis.

“I’m praying for an end to the war. That is the only way to stop the suffering and displacement. It is horrific to see children paying the price, in lost lives, damaged health and trauma,” said in a statement.

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According to the UN Refugee Agency, approximately 4 million Ukrainians have fled the country in the month since Russia began its invasion and bombing campaign.

6.5 million more people have also been internally displaced within Ukraine, having had to leave their homes. It is now considered the biggest and fastest-growing refugee crisis since World War II.

UNICEF has also reported that within Ukraine, more than half of children, some 4.5 million, have been internally displaced or fled the country.