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Viewers of “Big Brother Canada” got more than they bargained for during Thursday’s episode, which featured the first double eviction of the season, courtesy of the unprecedented Chain of Safety double eviction that wreaked havoc in the “Big Brother Canada” house and resulted in one of the most nerve-wracking episodes to date.

Earlier this week, HOH Jess Gowling nominated Moose Bendago and Hermon Nizghi for eviction, figuring that if either one left it could benefit their game.

What Jess didn’t count on, however, was Hermon winning the POV and pulling himself off the block. As a result, Tynesha was put up as a pawn, and was unexpectedly evicted in a 5-4 vote.

Corus Entertainment/Insight Productions
Corus Entertainment/Insight Productions

“I think that I started to figure out towards the end of this morning that it wasn’t going to be in my favour,” said Tynesha in her exit interview with host Arisa Cox. “The other side of the house is going to try to pick off my squad one by one, but they know what to do now. I left a little bug in each ear of each person and I think they have the plan moving forward.”

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Immediately following Tynesha’s eviction, Arisa shocked the houseguests by announcing a non-traditional double elimination, a Chain of Safety eviction.

After Moose rolled his way to victory in the “Warped Bowling” competition, his safety was guaranteed, and with no HOH to be played, it was time to see who really has whose back in the house as the scheming ramped up.

Moose got to choose the first houseguest to save, forcing the others to do the same until Jess, Gino and Jacey-Lynne were the last ones standing. With no Veto up for grabs, the three houseguests in danger competed in the second safety competition of the night, which ultimately placed Gino and Jess on the block.

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After some last-minute strategizing, Jess became the second houseguest of the night evicted, by a vote of 7 to 2.

Corus Entertainment/Insight Productions
Corus Entertainment/Insight Productions

“I’m very proud of myself. I wish I could have been more integrated socially, but I did my best having the block follow me as of Day 2,” said Jess. “I fought as hard as I could, I maybe made a few mistakes, but I will always own mistakes — they’re some of the best lessons learned.”

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