Harry Styles is warning fans about some mature content in his upcoming films.

The musician-turned-actor stopped by Capital FM Radio to talk about his new music and upcoming films.

When asked whether his new films will be appropriate for all ages, Styles seemed worried.

“I don’t know if you can watch either with your parents,” he admitted to the host Ronan Kemp. “I’m gonna have to do another one.”

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Kemp seemed interested in a rumour about sex scenes in movies, asking whether a netball was actually used.

“I personally had no experience with a netball. I think it depends very much on who you’re working with and what the situation is,” Styles said. “All I can say from my own experience is that I was very lucky to have a very trusting relationship within the people that we were working with and that came first. It was all discussed and all of it was very kind of, OK, above the filming, above anything that’s happening, with the cameras, me and you, we’re doing this together, and we trust each other… We can stop whenever and all that kind of stuff.”

Laughing about the rumour, he added, “But yeah, I’d never done that before on camera, at least I don’t think.”

The actor’s next upcoming films are the psychological thriller “Don’t Worry Darling” with Florence Pugh which has a September 2022 release date and the romantic drama “My Policeman” with Emma Corrin.

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While the actor has been exploring roles in films, he still considers himself “a musician first”.

“I feel really lucky to get to do a job that I love and then I feel very grateful to have been able to explore acting, something I did when I was a kid and stuff at school,” he said. “I always really loved it and in this context, it’s been a really nice opportunity for me to be able to get very much out of my comfort zone and kind of start again, and it’s been a lot of fun.”

Styles most recently released the track “As It Was” from his upcoming album Harry’s House. While speaking to the radio hosts, he shared that the voice heard at the beginning of the track was actually his goddaughter Ruby Winston, daughter of “The Late Late Show” executive producer Ben Winston.

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“She used to call me before bedtime every night, so one time it didn’t ring and she sent me that,” he recalled. “I kind of dug it out at one point while we were at the studio, and put it in front of the song or some reason. I kind of just fell in love with it, so it stuck.”

Harry’s House comes out on May 20.