Kelly Ripa had some tricks up her sleeve on April Fools’ Day.

Ripa told her “Live With Kelly And Ryan” co-host Ryan Seacrest all about a new trend in mens’ grooming that her hubby Mark Consuelos practices.

Seacrest let Ripa try “the eye-bro” on him as she used an eyebrow razor to “implicitly” get a fresh look.

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“I’m just going to trim your eyebrows a little bit in a trend they’re calling ‘the eye-bro,’ ” Ripa said. “It’s not going to take off a lot. I’m just going to sculpt your eyebrows. Lean back and close your eyes!”

Seacrest questioned Ripa such as  “Do you have an image to see what I’m in store for?” and “will you be able to visibly see the difference? Will it be to my benefit?”

“I think it’ll be to your benefit, just hold still,” Ripa responded. “Don’t move. You don’t get to see until I say open your eyes!”

Ripa never removed the plastic protection from the razor and handed Seacrest a iPad with a filter so it looked like he had no eyebrows when viewing the final product.

“Did I lose my eyebrows?” a shocked Seacrest said.

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Executive producer Michael Gelman quickly quipped, “April Fools! It’s a filter!”

“What an idiot I am to not realize that anything weird wold be April Fools like I said at the top of the show!” Seacrest said. “That just shows you how vain I am — I wanted a free improvement on my face and I thought Kelly was going to give it to me!”