Liam Payne was interviewed by “Good Morning Britain” after the Oscars, where the One Direction alum shared his thoughts on watching Will Smith’s open-handed slap across the face of Chris Rock during the ceremony.

However, many who saw that interview were less concerned with what Payne had to say than they were with his odd accent, seemingly blending British, American and, oddly enough, Welsh.

Harry Styles subsequently appeared on Capital FM, where Payne’s accent was slyly referenced.

“Have you started to get a trans-Atlantic accent from America?” one of the radio show’s hosts asked.

“I don’t think in the time I just got here, because I only got in yesterday,” Styles responded.

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“I think [my accent] is a bit all over the place because I’m from up North and I lived in London for 10 years. And I spent a lot of time in America and stuff. When I’m with Americans I don’t think they think I sound American at all. And then I think when I’m with English people they expect me to sound American,” he continued.

“I don’t think I do [have an American accent] but maybe I’ve picked up a couple of bits… but I try and translate with whoever I’m with,” he added.