Ryan Reynolds seems to follow his pal Hugh Jackman wherever he goes.

While the “Greatest Showman” star was preparing for the opening night of his Broadway show, a revival of The Music Man in which he stars opposite “Younger” actress Sutton Foster, he discovered some hilarious gifts Reynolds had left behind in his dressing room.

Hugh Jackman and Jimmy Kimmel- Photo: NBC
Hugh Jackman and Jimmy Kimmel- Photo: NBC

“Opening night gifts are big on Broadway,” Jackman explained during Friday’s episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”, which Jimmy Kimmel guest hosted as part of an April Fool’s Day prank that saw him and Jimmy Fallon swap shows for the night.

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“So you walk in [and] there’s flowers, there’s cards and, of course, right where I put my makeup in the mirror, there was this,” Jackman continued.

Kimmel then unveiled a black-and-white photo that captured Reynolds smiling while performing a heel click. Attached to the portrait was a small note that read, “Hugh, good luck with your little show. I’ll be watching.”

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“The Adam Project” actor was, in fact, watching the Broadway show’s opening night with his wife Blake Lively back in February.

That night, Reynolds had another trick up his sleeve.

After taking in the portrait, Jackman “went over to brush his teeth” and noticed another art piece of the jokester, this time a charcoal sketch of Reynolds smirking while wearing a suit and tie.

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“He follows me wherever I [go]!” Jackman said.

This isn’t the first time the “Wolverine” star showed off his dressing room’s unique artwork. In February, Jackman shared his joyful reaction on Instagram as he posted photos of the two new pieces along with a video of him laughing hysterically.