Johnny Knoxville has done the impossible.

On Sunday night, the “Jackass” star got into the ring at WrestleMania 38 to face off against Sami Zayn in an Anything Goes match for the ages.

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While Zayn had Knoxville on the ropes for most of the match’s first half, the stunt performer got a big boost, thanks to his “Jackass” antics and some of his co-stars.

Chris Pontius, a.k.a. Party Boy, jumped in the ring at one point, stripping down to a Speedo and danced it up to Zayn’s shock, though the pro wrestler dispatched him quickly.

Zayn then had to contend with another surprise when Wee Man jumped into the fight, throwing punches and body slamming the wrestler, and even hoisting him up and throwing him to the ground at one point.

Eventually, though, Wee Man was dispatched, but luckily for Knoxville, he had set up some “Jackass”-style props to take on his nemesis, including a giant mousetrap that Zayn fell right into.

Finally, Knoxville was proclaimed the winner.

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“I had a ball,” Knoxville said after winning the match. “Finally got to shut his big mouth. I wish I could relive it and go back and do it again.”

Wee Man added of his impressive showing, “I’ve had to beat everybody up bigger than me, so I was used to it.”