Backwood Mac might need some work.

On Sunday night’s “American Idol”, the contestants got into groups of two for the Duets round, and thanks to her Platinum Ticket, singer Huntergirl got to pick her partner: Cole Ritter.

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“We’re not here to have a duel.… When you have a duel, somebody gets shot,” Lionel Richie advised the Platinum Ticket holders, adding that the judges will be watching to see, “Was that a giving moment, or were you just trying to steal the show?”

As it turned out, Huntergirl and Ritter had great chemistry, introducing themselves as Backwood Mac for their cover of Fleetwood Mac’s classic “Dreams”.

The performance got a lot of love from the judges, who gave them a standing ovation and sent both of them through to the next round.

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Many at home, though, were unimpressed by Huntergirl and Ritter’s vocal performances.