Daniel Radcliffe is coming clean about the celebrities he thinks are “gorgeous.”

The actor appeared on the “Capital Breakfast” radio show to promote his new movie “The Lost City” and dish on some hot gossip.

In a quiz segment for the show, host Sonny Jay revealed to Radcliffe that a superfan of his was locked in another room and would be “punished” for every question he did not answer.

When asked who his top three celebrity crushes were, Radcliffe had no problem answering the first two: “Cameron Diaz is still very high on the list. Drew Barrymore.”

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The actor was called out, however, for his choices being very “old school” and was asked for someone more recent.

Radcliffe defended his choices, saying, “Those people are still around,” but eventually relented.

“Juno Temple, I’ve worked with her, she’s gorgeous and I wouldn’t mind saying her name,” he admitted, naming his “Horns” co-star.

While the 32-year-old had no problem naming his celebrity crushes, one question he wasn’t willing to answer was the most lavish single purchase he has ever made.

Jay asked, “You actually portray Abigail Fairfax who is the billionaire in the film, who does a lot of lavish purchases. I want to know, what is the most amount of money you’ve wasted and what was it on?”

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“I mean, you can’t say that art’s a waste, can’t you?” joked Radcliffe, but when asked the exact amount, refused to clarify.

Radcliffe may have crushes on those celebrities, but he’s currently dating Erin Darke, whom he met on the set of the 2013 film “Kill Your Darlings”. The actress portrayed Gwendolyn in the movie.

Recounting their meeting, he revealed they actually bonded over their love of the 2001 romantic comedy “Get Over It”.

“There was another actor in it called Ben Foster, who is amazing and a very intense actor, but he was in ‘Get Over It’. That was all I could think about it because I love that movie so much and Erin was there,” he recalled. “We were having a moment and she was like ‘I can’t believe Ben Foster from ‘Get Over It’ is here. I was like, ‘Me, too!'”