Selena Gomez is taking her own experiences and paying them forward.

Monday on “Good Morning America”, the singer sat down for an interview alongside her mother Mandy Teefey and Newsette co-founder Daniella Pierson to talk about their online mental health platform WonderMind.

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“Wondermind is not just for people who have a diagnosed mental illness — this is for anyone who has feelings,” Pierson said. “It’s for anyone who ever feels sad, lonely, scared, anxious, and we’re really not labelling anybody.”

The platform offers resources, tools, exercises, and more to help guide subscribers with improving their mental health.

“There are places where people go when they need help, and it’s unfortunate that they cost ridiculous amounts of money,” Gomez explained. “But [as with] Planned Parenthood, there’s a place for women to feel okay and to feel understood, and I want that for mental health. I think it’s so important and I can’t stress it enough how much I care and how much I really, really want people to be understood, seen, and heard.”

Pierson also clarified that though WonderMind offers helpful resources, it is “not a replacement for a therapist.”

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Gomez has long been open about her mental health struggles, revealing in 2020 that she had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

She explained that learning about her own mental health diagnoses had a significant and positive impact.

“I just found that it was really freeing to have the information, to kind of know what’s going on. It didn’t scare me,” she said.

“I started to have a relationship with myself, and I think that’s the best part. I’ve probably been the happiest I’ve ever been. My mom knows. And it’s just been really wonderful, but it’s work and you do it every day.”