Over a week after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars, Micheal Bay is now weighing in.

The “Bad Boys” director spoke with Yahoo! Entertainment about the moment and said he doesn’t care.

“Everyone was texting me, ‘Did you see it? Did you see it?’ First of all, it’s wrong to begin with,” he said. “But that’s all people are talking about and I don’t really care.”

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Bay pointed out that there are bigger issues in the world to focus on.

“Hollywood gets very self-absorbed. There are babies getting blown up in the Ukraine right now. We should be talking about that. I really don’t care. It wasn’t right,” he added.

Bay did say that he never witnessed similar behaviour from Smith while working with him.

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“He is not that guy. I’ve never seen him lose his cool like that,” Bay said.

“I thought it was set up because I saw the smirk. I’ve been on set when Will screws with people, joking with people. Listen, it was a slap. It wasn’t a punch. He’s very good at fighting. He’s trained at that. But it’s wrong to begin with. And then I knew the yell was right. He was mad.”

Smith has since announced his resignation from the Academy.