Don’t worry, there will be plenty of drama on the Kardashians’ new show.

On Tuesday, Kris Jenner is appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, and in a clip from the conversation she talks about what’s in store on the upcoming “The Kardashians”.

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Jenner explains that there was some concern after the ending of their previous reality show that viewers might not want to come back because they’d seen it all before.

Luckily, though, it seems that every time they gear up to shoot again, drama finds the family, and their new series is no exception.

“Kylie’s having a baby, Kourtney’s dating Travis Barker and gets engaged,” she says. “I mean, it just kept going. And then Kim gets ‘SNL.’ I mean, every single day there was either drama or something crazy going on or somebody having a baby, somebody getting divorced, somebody– I mean, it was nutty,” she said. “As usual.”

Ellen points out that Kourtney and Barker really have been all over each other and making out, including when she hung out with them in real life over Christmas.

“Well, it is 98 per cent of the show,” Jenner joked.

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Also on the show, Ellen gets Jenner to play a game of “5 Second Rule”, in which each of them is asked a question and has to list off the three things before time runs out.

When Ellen is asked for three things wife Portia de Rossi would say she does well, she blanks and says only that there are “so many” things”.

Jenner got to list off three things her boyfriend Corey Gamble things she does well, she pointed out that she’s a good golfer, a good mom and then one last thing she didn’t want to elaborate on.