Mayim Bialik is ready to play Bette Midler, if she gets the call.

The “Big Bang Theory” star portrayed a younger version of the acting legend in the movie “Beaches” when she was just 13.

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While appearing on Fox 5 New York, the actress looked back on her breakout role in the 1988 film.

“The world was very different then,” she said. “It wasn’t like you stayed in touch. I was a kid and she was a grown woman.”

When asked if she’d ever consider playing Midler in a biopic, she replied, “Sure… My parents always said that I looked like Bette Midler and Barbra Streisand, so I’m trying to cover that demographic… but yes, I’m open to anything.”

Bialik also explained how the images and thoughts she experienced after her father’s death inspired her new movie, “As They Made Us”.

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