Machine Gun Kelly is taking to the streets incognito.

For a segment of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” called “Machine Gun Kelly Undercover”, the singer was disguised with a fake moustache, muttonchops, a wig, and a tan suit. He asked strangers on Hollywood Boulevard for their honest opinions about the “Mainstream Sellout” singer.

He had a mixed review from his first interview subject, a tourist from England who found his “whole blood-drinking thing” a little weird.

“Congratulations on the wedding, please don’t sacrifice a goat after,” she told the camera when asked for a message to Kelly.

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The next guest didn’t hold back and admitted bluntly she was “not a huge fan”.

“I think his new direction’s a little forced,” she said while Kelly nodded in agreement.

He then showed photos of himself and Ellen DeGeneres, and asked passers-by whether they looked similar.

“Yeah, the bangs. It’s the bangs for me,” one laughed while Kelly called them “a couple of beautiful ladies.”

The segment didn’t last long after a man dressed in a Spider-Man costume recognized him.

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“It’s Machine Gun Kelly,” he called out as he was passing by. “Waddup, Machine Gun?”

Enraged, Kelly turned to the camera and said, “F–k you, Spider-Man. You’re supposed to respect secret identities.”

The musician did manage to find one superfan who really liked his new album.

When Kelly revealed himself to the fan, who was wearing a “Trinity of Terror” tour T-shirt, the fan revealed he knew from the get-go.

“I figured that out a while ago,” he admitted and revealed it was “the height” that gave it away.

It was all in good fun though as Kelly signed an album for him and learned that the fan jumped off a roof at his Venice Beach show.

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“Dude, you won MVP of that whole show!” Kelly said excitedly.

While not everyone was a huge fan, the 31-year-old was surprised by the generally positive reaction from people in the streets.

“I came out here expecting a lotta hate, but it was a lot of love, so f–k you, internet!” he added and walked away.