Valerie Bertinelli is sharing her struggles with self-perception and being happy with yourself.

The Food Network Canada host penned an essay for New Beauty, where she admitted one of her biggest struggles in her journey to self-actualization was her perception of weight.

“For me, the big thing is my weight — it’s the thing that holds me back. But I want to start feeling the same about myself — no matter what weight I am,” admitted the 61-year-old star. “I don’t have to wait until I’ve lost weight to be kind to myself and to be kind to others. It shouldn’t matter what I look like.”

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She continued, “We all know the number on the scale is never low enough — it’s always too high — so I’m going to just crawl under the covers and not have anyone see me until it is. I’ll be happy once all the weight is gone.”

Part of her strategy to control her perception was putting her words to action and refusing to weigh herself obsessively.

“I stopped weighing myself when I finished writing my book, which was a big thing for me, and I haven’t gotten on a scale since,” recalled the star. “My clothes still fit; my jeans still zip up. I guess I was afraid that if I didn’t see what number I was and if I wasn’t able to keep an eye on it, that I would balloon up… but that hasn’t happened.”

That doesn’t mean that she won’t put forth the effort to become healthier with her diet, but this time in the name of becoming healthy and not because of a compulsion.

“I feel like once that gets on its full journey, then maybe my body will follow,” shared Bertinelli. “Maybe I’ll want to eat more fruits and vegetables, and drink less alcohol, and eat less sugar, and put things in my body that make both my body and my mind feel better.”

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Her relationship with food had become complex over the years as she came to the realization she was using it as a way to comfort herself.

“I used food in a way that wasn’t healthy. I know I still do it,” she wrote. “Even recently, I noticed myself grabbing some crackers after I finished an intense interview, and I said, ‘Oh, I know what I’m doing right now, I’m eating because eating makes me feel good, and I’m doing it because I’m uncomfortable because I just shared a lot of feelings.’”

While the actress was still working through these issues, she believed that being aware and recognizing your own struggles could help anyone on their journey.

“Being aware of why we do what we do is very helpful. It sounds so simple, but I think it’s something none of us learned in school… and it would be wonderful if we could all start,” added Bertinelli.