Lindsay Lohan is spilling some secrets behind the production of “Mean Girls”.

The actress spoke with Vogue magazine for their Life in Looks feature, where entertainers review their careers through some of their most iconic fashions.

When it came to her pink “Mean Girls” attire, Lohan recalled how excited she was to wear the “girly” looks.

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“I remember doing the fittings for ‘Mean Girls’ and I would just get really excited to wear the skirts and just dress more girly, but then I felt really relieved when I played Cady just coming fresh out of Africa,” she said. “Because I got to chill and just relax, and everyone was kinda jealous because I was wearing sneakers and they couldn’t everyday.”

Part of the reason for her fashion choices had a lot to do with which character Lohan was interested in playing.

“The story behind me playing Cady in ‘Mean Girls’ is actually really unknown by a lot of people,” the 35-year-old shared.

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“I wanted to play Regina, because I’d just come off of ‘Freaky Friday’, and I wanted to play a pretty normal girl now. I wanted to have a different kind of role than just the damaged teenager again,” said Lohan. “And Mark Waters, the director, was insistent that I play Cady, and so was Tina [Fey]. They’re like ‘no, no, no, you’re the lovable one, you have to play Cady.’ I was so eager to get into the transitional part of ‘okay, let’s get to the pretty part of Cady.’ It’s just such a lovable movie.”