Mark Wahlberg is reflecting on his latest movie role.

The megastar plays a boxer-turned-priest in “Father Stu”, which hits theatres on April 13.

Wahlberg sat down with the Archbishop of New York, Cardinal Dolan, at SiriusXM studios to discuss his reasons for taking on the “important” role during “Conversation With Cardinal Dolan”.

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“I prayed about it and every time I did, I just got the affirmation that I need to be making this movie,” he recalled. “This movie is a film that is important. It’s gonna touch people, and like I said earlier, I think the film chose me.”

Wahlberg also revealed how Father Stu’s life is still inspiring him, despite his death in 2014.

“It’s remarkable. He’s still very much hard at work today and challenging me constantly to do more and to do better,” he said. “I’ve got pictures of him kind of in my office where I usually do most of my work and every time I glance over, if I’m in a conversation or something, he’ll remind me, how I need to be approaching the situation.”

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The actor added, “People are really embracing the movie because they see how powerful it is and how it’s touching everybody in a very personal way, and really giving people a lot of hope.”

When asked if he believes the movie will lead to more men joining the priesthood, Wahlberg answered, “Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. 110%.”