Just after coming out in his Netflix special, Jerrod Carmichael is sharing how his family reacted.

The comedian dropped by “Late Night With Seth Meyers” and joked he “couldn’t think of anything else” so coming out as gay was the headline to “Rothaniel”.

After cheers from the audience, Carmichael said, “I’m learning how to receive love, and I actually need that.”

He explained that there is a bit of a “rift” with his family.

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“I’ve been receiving love from strangers,” he said, teasing, “sexually and non-sexually. It’s nice to have a balance.”

On his way to the show Carmichael spoke to his parents for the first time since the HBO special dropped, admitting his mom is in “denial” so he has to come out “every other conversation.”

“There were are a lot of things in the special I was afraid to say to her,” Carmichael said. “I was nervous because my mom and my family can be very polite… just kind of smile through things…. There are a lot of elephants in the room.

“It was an emotional call, and she expressed a lot of love. So did my dad. They made very strong calls for peace.”

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Carmichael said the call was “almost nice” until his mom said, “‘These sins are tearing the family apart.’ It just speaks to the kind of core of the problem that there’s this insurmountable mountain that we can’t really get over.”

Carmichael lightened things up by saying he then arrived at the studio and the call ended so “that’s where I’m at.”

He did add that his dad has called him recently to apologize for the “chaos.”