Josh Brolin made an appearance on the latest edition of “Hot Ones”, the hot sauce-fuelled talk show in which celebs field questions while ingesting increasingly spicy chicken wings.

During the conversation, Brolin looks back on what may be his most epic failed audition, when he went out for the role of Martin Brundle in “The Fly 2” (which ultimately went to Eric Stoltz).

“I went in there, man, and I totally committed,” said Brolin of his audition for the 1989 sequel (just after the 5:40 mark in the video above).

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“And I did this for, like, 22 years with pretty much every audition I ever did,” Brolin added.

“But I was on the ground and I was frothing at the mouth because he’s in a chrysalis, he’s in a cocoon. What happens to one that’s human that’s not used to something like morphing from one thing to another? One would imagine that it would be a painful process, would one not?” Brolin mused. “And then you finish the audition, which is always the most uncomfortable part where they all look at you and there’s a pause and they go, ‘Thanks for coming in, thank you, that was wonderful.’”

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When he arrived home after the audition, Brolin recalled, “There was already a message from my agent. And I called the agent back and he said, ‘What the f**k did you do in there?’ Literally, verbatim. And I said, ‘Did I get it?’ and he’s like, ‘Oh, no, they’ll probably never see you again.’”

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