James Van Der Beek is thankful to the Almighty for the “surprise” that he and wife Kimberly Van Der Beek received when their son Jeremiah was born in October 2021.

On Thursday, April 6, the former “Dawson’s Creek” star shared on Instagram a photo of himself holding his infant son as the sun rises in the distance.

“Thank god for the surprises. For the detours. For those times the universe heard my plans and said: ‘Yeah, that’s cute… try THIS,'” wrote Van Der Beek in his post, noting that he and his wife “weren’t trying for more kids” when she became pregnant with Jeremiah.

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The Van Der Beeks announced the addition to their family back in November, sharing their elation after losing two late-term pregnancies in a row.

“Life is beautiful,” he remarked at the time.