Hollywood life wasn’t for Jason Segel.

After finishing “How I Met Your Mother”, Segel made the decision to move to a “little farm town.”

“I was like, ‘Oh, I can do whatever I want now,” Segel said of wrapping the show while on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”. “I’m gonna go live in this town and I never left.”

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Kimmel questioned if Segel missed living in L.A.

“Sometimes, but not really. I like being in a small town. Like, I go to the high school football games and stuff and eat a sandwich, which I didn’t know if you could do without kids, but you can,” Segel said. “And I go to the Christmas play in town and I wait outside and ask little kids to sign my playbill. It’s really fun. I love it.”

Segel praised how great it is to walk around without paparazzi.

“I just walk around like Big Bird like ‘hey everybody,'” Segel said mimicking the “Sesame Street” icon. “To the kids I’m like Muppet guy and to the grown-ups I’m the naked guy from ‘Sarah Marshall’.”

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Kimmel did admit he missed living on the same block as Segel and praised him for the brilliance of ordering room service to his house from a local hotel. “It was the greatest idea I’d ever heard,” Kimmel said.

While Segel now lives on 21 acres of orange groves, he previously roomed with Kevin Hart when Judd Apatow “made” them live together in a one bedroom apartment while filming the pilot for “North Hollywood” in 2001.

“So, all of a sudden, Kevin Hart was just living with me and he’d be like, ‘Hey man, are you making breakfast? I’d like some too,'” he joked. “Then I’m making breakfast for Kevin Hart.”