Norman Reedus is apparently quite the impulse shopper.

That’s what Diane Kruger disclosed about her fiancé during a recent appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”, revealing that the “Walking Dead” star bought a house in California — without running it by her first.

“We drove by [the house], he was dropping me off at a table read actually for ‘Swimming With Sharks’, and you know, it was a Sunday — you know how those houses are open and you can just walk in,” she told host Jimmy Kimmel. “We looked at it, it was pretty, but we live in New York.”

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When she finished the table ready, she checked her phone and was shocked to see a barrage of missed notifications from Reedus.

“So, then he drops me off and I come out of my table read and there’s like 50 messages that start with, ‘I love that house. I stayed another hour. What do you think?'” she recalled. “Next message, ‘Should we move to California? How bout we make an offer? You know what? I made an offer. We got the house.'”

Apparently, that kind of impulsive purchasing is not an isolated incident.

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“I call him like a mad midnight shopper because like the most obscure objects show up the next day — like weird balls to massage his feet, toothbrushes, a house, nine motorcycles,” she explained.