Jake Gyllenhaal is looking back at one of his notable roles.

Gyllenhaal spoke to Vanity Fair about starring with the late Heath Ledger in 2005’s “Brokeback Mountain” saying being on set was “really deep and fun.”

“You know, the relationship, I think between me and Heath while we were making this movie was something that was based on a profound love for a lot of people that we knew and were raised by in our lives and a deep respect for their love and their relationship,” Gyllenhaal continued.

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The cowboy film saw Gyllenhaal and Ledger as lovers.

“One of the things I really remember about the process after the movie came out was Heath never wanting to make a joke,” he shared. “Even as I think, culturally, there were many jokes being made about the movie or poking fun at and things like that.”

“His consummate devotion to how serious and important the relationship between these two characters was, it showed me, I think, how devoted he was as an actor and how devoted he was—and we both were—to the story in the movie.”

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Gyllenhaal recalled their morning routine “waking up in the morning, making everyone coffee and then eating a little breakfast and walking to work” together.

It wasn’t until a Q&A at the Arrow Theater in Los Angeles that they realized the impact the film had when a man told the two of them that he had seen “Brokeback Mountain” 11 times in 10 days.

“And I thought 11 times in 10 days! We’re joking and we’re poking fun at each other before we go on and then the profound realization of the profundity of this thing washed over us,” he said. “It happens constantly, to this day, and it’s like, it’s…I can’t really express how proud I am of it.”