Another week, another stellar performance from HunterGirl.

On Sunday night’s Top 24 episode of “American Idol” in Hawaii, the 24-year-old country singer sang Rascal Flatts’ “Banjo”.

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Talking to mentor Jimmie Allen before the performance, HunterGirl confessed, “The thing that makes me nervous is that I’m not playing guitar this time,” adding that she saw her guitar as her “safety blanket.”

“She has the vocal power, right now she’s all about delivering the full picture of an entertainer,” Allen said of the aspiring star.

And judging from the reaction to her performance, HunterGirl had nothing to worry about, getting the crown moving and clapping along with her energetic take on the country hit.

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“I ain’t worried about you, girl; you know how to work a crowd. People want to party with you, you know how to party. I want to party with you,” Katy Perry said afterwards. Though she noted a couple of pitch problems, she added, “Like I said, I’m not worried about you.”

“The fact that you have the sense to come out here and play the song on the beat, you get people dancing and I love the song choice,” Luke Bryan told her. “The fact that you can get away from your guitar, entertain the crowd, and have fun is a big huge feather in your cap. Good job!”

Finally, Lionel Richie added, “What makes it interesting is to watch the crowd and how you do this one little word called ‘entertain’. Believe it or not, what most people don’t understand is the artist is the one who directs the crowd.”