Pamela Anderson is all ready to make a splash on Broadway.

In a new interview with CNN, the former “Baywatch” star opened up about taking on the stage in a production of Chicago.

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“When I was a lot younger, I took my power back in certain situations, and it feels the same way [now],” she said.

“It feels like another step closer to taking my power back and really taking it back. It’s very empowering,” Anderson continued. “And it does feel I’m being supported. I’m being rooted for, that’s a new feeling for me. I don’t want to let anybody down, but I also really don’t want to let myself down.”

Talking about preparing for the role, the 54-year-old actress said, “I just threw myself into rehearsals.”

The B.C.-born star added, “And it was six, seven, maybe eight hours a day. I was doing four hours of dance, one hour voice, two hours of acting.

“And it’s incredible because I didn’t realize — obviously, your voice, it’s a muscle, and so every day my voice is getting stronger and stronger to the point where I’m just looking behind me going, who’s singing like that?’”

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Anderson also said that she was first approached about a role in the play 11 years ago, but she turned it down.


“I couldn’t even imagine that was something I could do,” she said, adding that when she was approached again just a few months ago, she seized the opportunity.

“I’m gonna be so nervous,” she said of making her debut. “But I also love the live audience. I’ve done a little bit of public speaking like at Oxford and Cambridge about veganism and things like that … so I think I’m really going to love it.”