Mark Wahlberg is opening up about his mother Alma‘s passing while he filmed his latest project “Father Stu”.

“It was one of those things where she was not well, and I knew that her time was limited,” Wahlberg told Global‘s “The Talk” in a preview of Friday’s episode.

Wahlberg went “back and forth” to visit his mom but was on set in April 2021 when he learned Alma had died at 78 following a battle with dementia.

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“I’ve always kind of used all my real-life experience, the good stuff, the bad stuff, to draw on, and trying to play the roles in the most authentic and believable ways. But with that particular scene, there’s a moment in the church and I’m kind of asking why, and that was right after I found out, so ya, I kind of always go there anyway,” he explained.

The actor told the show how he wants to focus on “celebrating and remembering all the good times” with his mom and not focus on the “suffering” she went through.

Comparing his mom’s “grace” to that of the real-life Father Stu (a boxer-turned-priest), he continued: “She dealt with it with such grace and dignity and it really kind of helped us to deal with it happening.”

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Co-host Amanda Kloots asked Wahlberg, a devoted Catholic, if taking the role had an impact on his faith.

“It did,” he replied, “but then also, with everything that was going on and what I as dealing with, and when I got sick and had some health issues and stuff… I for the first time dealt with a different kind of depression and a different kind of sadness, but it’s those things also that kind of make you stronger.”

Watch Mark Wahlberg’s full interview on “The Talk” on Friday, April 15, at 2 p.m. ET on Global.

“Father Stu” hits theatres on April 13.