Getting older always comes with body changes.

On Monday night, “The First Lady” star Viola Davis appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and got candid about dealing with her weight as a middle-aged woman.

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“I turn 56, and I don’t know what fits anymore. That’s when it hit. Everything gets wider, bulgier,” she said, adding, “and here’s the thing, I work out.”

Though, as she explained, she exercises regularly and tries to eat well, and though she does believe she’s a perfectly healthy weight, she still gets shocked stepping on the scale.

“I get on the scale,” Davis said. “I look at it. I get back off. I get back on. I get off. And then I’ll even take a hair pin out of my hair. I’ll put it on the side. I get back on. And by that time I’m mad as hell.”

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As for what she thinks has caused the weight change, the Oscar-winning actress admitted it’s mostly down to the normal process of aging, but there might be another cause as well.

“I think it has something to do with those large glasses of liquor I’ve been drinking during the pandemic,” she joked. “I’ve been knocking that back.”